Do I Have to Be a Nurse to Become a Hospital Administrator?

If you are interested in becoming a hospital administrator, you may be wondering if you have to become a nurse first. The answer is no. You don’t have to be a nurse nor do you have to be a doctor; however, experience in either of these occupations would be of great value. So, what is the exact way to become a hospital administrator? Well, let’s take a closer look.

You can become a healthcare administrator by earning a healthcare administration degree on any of the following three levels: bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral. Most employers, however, will prefer that you hold at least a master’s degree.

Bachelor’s Degree

A bachelor’s degree in healthcare administration will introduce you to healthcare settings, general management and a number of business concepts. This degree program will prepare you to enter into entry-level management positions found in the healthcare field. To take part in a bachelor’s program, you will need a high school diploma or something to its equivalency.

Coursework that you will complete in a bachelor’s program will focus on the following topics:

– Accounting
– Healthcare law
– Patient care
– Medical billing
– Financial management
– Healthcare marketing
– Medical reimbursement
– Healthcare ethics

Master’s Degree

Another route you can take to become a hospital administrator is to earn a master’s degree in healthcare administration. More than likely, if you take part in a master’s program, you will be studying some type of specialization such as operations and management or healthcare policies. In some instances, your master’s program may be taken in conjunction with another program such as one majoring in public administration. To enroll in master’s program, you will have to first finish a bachelor’s program in healthcare administration or a related field of study. You must also maintain a satisfactory GPA. Furthermore, you will have to submit letters of recommendation and pass an admissions test.

Coursework that you will complete in master’s program will focus on the following topics:

– Healthcare research
– Healthcare service reimbursement
– Public administration
– Public policy analysis
– Long-term care administration

Doctoral Degree

To broaden your employment opportunities as a healthcare administrator, you will want to earn a doctoral degree. This type of degree will mainly focus on research related to the healthcare administration field of study. Most times, you will be allowed to pick your area of focus, meaning you choose the topic, such as health system improvement, that you want to conduct your research on. A doctoral program can be completed according to various formats, including information systems or executive programs. To successfully graduate from a doctoral program, you will have to complete a dissertation. To enroll in a doctoral program, you must first complete an undergraduate degree as well as maintain a good GPA. In addition, you will have to submit letters of recommendation and an essay.

The coursework that you will complete in a doctoral program will focus on the following topics:

– Health services management
– Research methods
– Linear regression
– Analysis of healthcare data
– Healthcare technology