If I Already Have My RN and BSN, is a Master's Degree in Nursing Worth It?

If you have become an RN by earning a BSN, you may be wondering what the benefits are of you going back to school to earn a master’s in nursing. More importantly, you may be wondering if the benefits gained are worth the time and financial investment that it takes to earn an advanced degree. Truth is, the answer is yes. The investment made will be well worth it. With a master’s, you will find that your employment capabilities and pay level are increased and much more.

Doing More with a Master’s in Nursing

With a master’s degree, you will prove to employers that you have advanced management skills, have the ability to guide and teach other nurses as well as the ability to leverage technology for the benefit of patients and medical facilities. All of this will allow you to follow more career paths than you have the option to with only a bachelor’s degree in nursing.

Through the duties that you perform as a nurse with a master’s degree, you will greatly shape the future of nursing. From nurse administration to nursing education, there are many parts of nursing that you will influence.

A master’s degree can lead to great professional fulfillment as well as an increase in your salary. In fact, the average annual income of nurses with an advanced degree comes out to be somewhere around $118,000.

Taking Courses Online

Another major benefit gained when choosing to earn your master’s is that you can earn the credential through online courses. In doing this, you can keep your current job as a nurse all the while continuing your education. In fact, your current employer may even pay for your schooling. All of your courses can be completed online; however, some of your clinical training will have to be supervised by a clinical nurse.


From distinguishing yourself as a highly-qualified nurse to preparing yourself for a doctoral degree, earning a master’s degree in nursing definitely has some valuable benefits. If you are seeking employment as a Nurse Executive or Nurse Practitioner, you will want to earn a graduate level degree. The time and money that you invest into this type of degree will be worth it. Even if you invest $40,000 into your master’s program, you will be able to make back the money in less than a year with the additional money that you will earn as a nurse with an advanced degree.

Doctoral Degree

If you do choose to pursue a doctoral degree in nursing, you will be well prepared by first earning your master’s. In fact, some doctoral programs will mandate you earn your master’s first. Just like the benefits you earn with a master’s degree, a doctoral degree comes with added benefits too. From an increased salary level to expanded job opportunities, the benefits are endless.