What Are the Best Nursing Degrees for Working with Children?

When it comes to nursing, there are ways a person can enter into this line of work. No matter the route a person takes, it is mandatory that he or she earn an accredited degree in nursing. The exact type of degree that a person will need to earn will be determined by the type of nursing he or she wants to carry out. For those who are wanting to work with children, it is best to earn a pediatric nursing degree. This type of degree can be earned on several different levels, with undergraduate degrees taking two to four years to earn, while an advanced degree will take at least six years to earn.

Associate’s Pediatric Nursing Degree

To become a pediatric nurse, no matter the level, a person will first need to become a registered nurse (RN). To become an RN, he or she will have to take part in at least two years of educational studies to earn an associate’s degree. Earning this type of degree will prepare a student for entry-level nursing positions. Topics covered during an associate’s-level nursing program include:

– Pharmacology
– Anatomy
– Medical decision-making
– Child psychology
– Methods of patient care
– And much more

Supervised work experience must be obtained to become an RN as well as the passing of the NCLEX-RN licensure exam. Once appropriate licensure has been obtained, an RN can then pursue employment as an entry-level pediatric nurse. It is important for a person to take part in an internship while completing his or her studies, with the internship involving work that focuses directly on pediatric-related tasks.

Bachelor’s Pediatric Nursing Degree

The bachelor’s-level nursing degree is much like the associate’s degree; however, topics are covered on a more in-depth basis. Furthermore, this type of program will take about four years to complete. The advantages of completing a bachelor’s program is that a student will be prepared for positions beyond entry-level. This type of degree will broaden career prospects as well as help to secure a pediatric position with a better-paying salary than that of a person who only has an associate’s degree.

Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Degree

Another great nursing degree to earn for those wanting to work with children is the pediatric nurse practitioner degree. To land a job as this type of professional, a person will have to be an RN as well as complete a master’s-level nursing program that focuses on pediatric nurse practitioner topics. Common topics covered during the program will include:

– Advanced practice nursing
– Advanced anatomy
– Pathophysiology
– Advanced disease prevention
– Advanced physiology
– Nursing theories
– Advanced community nursing
– Advanced research methods
– Health promotion
– Pediatric theory

This type of degree takes about two to three years to earn after a bachelor’s-level degree has been earned. The last year of study usually involves much clinical work as well as the completion of a thesis. After earning the degree, a person will find it advantageous to become certified as a pediatric nurse practitioner. In fact, some employers will mandate this type of certification.