What Is the Highest Job Available for a BSN in a Hospital?

With changes that are happening right now in the field of nursing, both students and working nurses are wondering what changes they should make to their own education in order to take advantage of the most opportunities. For RNs with an associate degree (ADN), the question is whether to return to school and pursue a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing (BSN). Students want to know if they should pass up the ADN. The answer to the questions of both groups is a resounding yes. There is an obvious movement by hospitals away from RNs with an ADN and toward those with a BSN. A new American Association for Colleges of Nursing guideline is that 80% of the RNS working in every hospital will be required to have a bachelor degree by 2020. This means that, in the future, a BSN will have more opportunities for work in a hospital than an ADN. It makes sense for ADNs to begin work immediately toward achieving a BSN and for nursing students to go straight for the BSN.

Opportunities for BSNs in Future

Since 2012, the number of jobs requiring a BSN has increased to nearly 400,000 and the trend is expected to continue in the future. Most jobs for RNs are in hospitals. So those examining their options will want to research what kinds of jobs are available. Two important questions to ask are what is the highest job available for a BSN in a hospital and what is the average salary for that position?  The highest job available for a BSN, outside of a strictly administrative position that will probably require an administrative degree such as one in health care management, is usually a nurse educator. Presently there are about 7,600 faculty positions available annually with an average yearly salary of nearly $82,000.

The Nurse Educator

To be a member of a nursing faculty, a candidate must have a degree that is a minimum of one step above the students who will be in the class. Educators who will be teaching associate degree students must have a BSN. To teach BSN students, the instructor must have a master’s degree. For those who enjoy sharing their knowledge with others, teaching is a good choice. Not only is there the satisfaction of educating students in the field, but there are jobs available since there is always a shortage of nursing teachers. The present shortage is partially attributed to aging teachers who are moving toward retirement and more and more competition between nursing schools as hospitals and clinics add nurse education to their programs.

Prepare for Your Future Life

In order to have the best life possible you must prepare yourself for that life. When you decide upon the kind of career you want, you must find out what qualifications you need to get that job. The first step you should take is making certain your education will prepare you with the qualifications needed for an entry level job into your desired field. Choose the jobs you accept carefully so the work experience you acquire will add to your preparation for the ultimate job. Always keep an open mind toward continuing education and earning higher degrees so you will have the credentials you need when that dream job comes along.