What Type of Government Jobs Can I Get With a BSN?

Nurses with a Bachelor of Science degree are in demand everywhere, including in the government. Nursing opportunities are available in the Armed Forces, and with government employers such as the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) health care system, the Indian Health Service (the federal health program for American Indians and Alaska Natives), and in federal agencies like the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the National Institute of Health (NIH).

Nursing Opportunities in the Armed Forces

The Army Nurse Corps allows nurses to provide all types of patient care, usually with more autonomy than a civilian counterpart. Besides having a BSN, the other requirements include, U.S. citizenship, the ability to pass a physical exam and pass a security clearance. Army nurses are officers so basic training camp would not be required. Instead, you would attend a Basic Officer Leader Course to become acquainted with military life.

As an Army nurse, you have the option of serving as an Army Reserve nurse, an Army National Guard nurse or an active duty nurse. As an Army Reserve nurse, you would serve on a part-time as needed basis. The remainder of your time may be spent in the civilian sector. Job duties are based upon the area where you will be working (operating room, emergency room, critical care, etc). To learn more about a career with the Army Nurse Corps see www.goarmy.com/amedd/nurse.html. National Guard nurses serve as needed and are required to attend training one weekend each month and for two weeks annually. Active duty nurses serve full-time, year-round.

Nursing Opportunities at the VA and at NIH

Opportunities at the VA (Department of Veterans Affairs) include bedside and outpatient clinic nursing. The Registered Nurse, Health Informatics Supervisor, serves as the resident expert in clinical informatics (understanding the impact of information in delivering healthcare services) and Health Information Technology (the use of computer technologies in healthcare to store, transmit and analyze clinical data. These supervisors also participate in the medical center committees and task forces. Nursing opportunities with the NIH (National Institute of Health) include Clinical Research Nurse (levels I, II and III).

Career Opportunities with the Indian Health Service

Indian health clinicians can choose to work in any of the many hospitals and clinics across the continental US and Alaska, in urban or rural settings. Click for more information .  Nursing Opportunities with the Center for Disease Control (CDC)  Health education specialists consult with local and state health officials about health promotion and chronic disease prevention. They help to plan, implement, monitor and evaluate programs such as breast and cervical cancer prevention, diabetes disability prevention, HIV/AIDS prevention and school health education.

The Public health advisor/analyst, conducts disease intervention activities and provides technical assistance to local, state, and foreign governments as well as other organizations. This position is also required to manage and evaluate programs such as immunization, infectious diseases, tuberculosis prevention and sexually transmitted diseases.

The government has many opportunities for someone with a BSN degree. The opportunity not only offers a well paying job, in different types of locations, such as hospitals, clinics and centers, but it also offers an adventurous lifestyle whether in an urban setting or a remote location.

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