What Types of Jobs Can I Get With a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)?

Doctor of Nursing PracticeLooking at the types of jobs with Doctor of Nursing Practice is one of the easiest ways to get an idea about the jobs you might apply for after graduation and how much money you can make. The DNP program focuses on teaching you the basics of running a hospital or medical office later. While these programs do include some information on nursing, the design is best suited for those who want to work in administration or similar fields. When choosing between a Ph.D or DNP program, look for which program will prepare you for the jobs you enjoy.

Clinical Nurse Specialist

According to the American Nurses Association, there are less than 200 DNP programs in the country with fewer than 8,000 students enrolled in those programs. As a relatively new field, many students want to know what types of jobs with Doctor of Nursing Practice are available for students who complete those programs. Some of those students use the degree to further their careers as clinical nurse specialists. Clinical nurse specialists work with patients, but they also work with other nurses and doctors to ensure that the healthcare system runs smoothly.

Nurse Anesthetist

Some graduates of Doctor of Nursing Practice programs work as nurse anesthetists. When a patient undergoes surgery or a major procedure, the doctor will often recommend that the patient sleep through the procedure. Nurse anesthetists administer the drugs needed to put that patient to sleep, but they can also administer a local, which keeps the patient partially awake but numb in a certain region. Anesthetists also keep an eye on patients, looking for any sign of a problem, including an allergic reaction to the medication.

Healthcare Manager

Many of the types of jobs with Doctor of Nursing Practice involve healthcare management. Hospitals and medical offices run like a machine, and those medical settings need workers who can keep the system running without any glitches or problems. Healthcare management positions often call for people with medical experience. Nurses with a DNP degree understand how hospitals operate, know the relationships that exist between doctors and nurses and know what patients want from their healthcare providers. They can order new supplies, meet with representatives from medical supply companies, take care of paychecks, handle computer problems and deal with other issues that arise on a daily basis.

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Healthcare Policy Advocate

One of the more unusual jobs available for nurses with a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree is a healthcare policy advocate. These advocates identify issues relating to the healthcare field and find solutions to the issues they see. These are the men and women who research the relationship between a new medication and the symptoms seen in certain pages, and they’re the ones who speak for those without healthcare in the country. Advocates often raise awareness on the local level and speak in front of politicians to ensure that those in control understand the current problems.

The Doctor of Nursing Practice program is one of the newest graduate programs available for nursing students. After completing an undergraduate degree and a graduate degree, you can apply for a doctoral program to learn even more. While some students complete a Ph.D program, others prefer the Doctor of Nursing Practice program after looking at the types of jobs with Doctor of Nursing Practice and noticing the growing need for qualified workers in those fields.