MSN - Clinical Trials Research

MSN – Clinical Trials Research Provides Rewarding Career Opportunities

Any nurse who loves to work in a laboratory environment should consider applying for a Masters in Nursing Clinical Trials Research degree. This specialization within the Master of Science in Nursing prepares nurses for work in a wide variety of clinical trials environments. Nurses who work with research bring revolutionary new products and treatments to the medical community.

A degree in clinical trials perfectly suits the nurse who loves research. Nurses will work to test new treatment options and drugs alongside doctors and other researchers. Nurses may chart statistics or collect patient information, or their work could be focused within the lab setting. In addition, nurses may find themselves involved with marketing new products and ensuring FDA approval. Without the work of clinical trials nurses, many drugs that people need would not get to market.

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Nurses who earn a Master’s Degree in Clinical Trials Research may work in many different settings. Nurses may work in private or community practices, or they may work for pharmaceutical companies that produce, test, and sell new products. Upon graduation, titles may include research coordinator, trials manager, clinical scientist, or developer, with many employment opportunities occurring outside the hospital environment.

An MSN may not be necessary for working in research. However, the degree offers the chance to score more advanced and lucrative positions within the industry. More advanced jobs mean not only better pay, but also more challenging responsibilities. Many academic institutions, pharmaceutical companies, and medical device companies have exciting positions available for qualified candidates.

Coursework will depend on the individual school. Most universities require a core of work regarding patient care, in addition to courses in data reporting and advanced laboratory techniques. Additional coursework may include health informatics because nurses will be handling a large number of in-depth patient records. Also, nurses may take courses in advertising and marketing, since these skills will be an essential part of publicizing new products.

Nurses may choose either a physical campus or an online campus. Wherever nurses choose to get their degrees, they should ensure that the college is accredited by a regional accrediting body. If the school is not accredited, then employers may not regard the degree as valid. Physical campuses offer in-person interaction with fellow students and with professors, while online campuses offer flexibility for busy schedules.

Master’s students will need to have a Bachelor’s Degree. In addition, some schools require candidates to submit GRE scores. Most schools also have an experience requirement that must be met before students may enter their programs. If prerequisite courses were not covered in the Bachelor’s Degree, then candidates may have to take prerequisites before being admitted into the program.

For people who are interested in being on the cutting edge of medicine, the MSN – Clinical Trials Research program provides the perfect learning opportunity. The skills developed and the connections made within an MSN program will propel nurses into the jobs of the future. With drug and treatment options growing exponentially, more and more nurses are needed to help bring the best in new developments to the patients who need them.