RN MSN - Adult Health Nurse

The RN – MSN – Adult Health Nurse is a professional program offered to those who wish to obtain the Master’s in Nursing. It is designed for students who aim for a career as a nursing practitioner, an educator, or clinical leader. The dynamic course will assist in developing the necessary skill sets and practical training required for a successful future within this rewarding and challenging field.

In order to enroll for the higher education degree, registered nurses are required to possess an accredited degree or diploma of nursing. Students are able to choose the courses which will make up the curriculum and which provides the necessary academic and practical means to perform essential services. For nurses who wish to enhance positions and academic qualifications, this program will allow individuals to move into roles of becoming certified nursing practitioners, managers, and clinical specialists.

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Students may choose from a designated list of practice areas in order to specialize in a particular occupational field. The RN – MSN – Adult Health Nurse provides options for specialization within healthcare systems, psychiatric mental health, and as a family nurse practitioner. The program is designed to include extensive training which incorporates a theoretical and practical component.

The program includes nursing subject matter which consists of undergraduate courses, obtained credits, and a chosen practice area which are necessary to be completed in order to qualify for acceptance into the Master’s program. The courses are offered online through accredited institutions with a full-time and part-time option. Practical aspects place students in community settings for the completion of desired clinical work.

The formal degree is offered to those who desire a career as a nurse practitioner, certified assistant anesthetist, midwife, and specialist. It provides students with the opportunity to achieve higher-ranked positions within the industry, increased leadership status, as well as the ability to earn a higher salary. The program consists of a number of courses in order to prepare students for increased management and application of advanced skill sets in applied settings.

Employment environments requiring the specific skills include private practices, care facilities, hospitals, ambulatory care, family practice, and outpatient facilities. Essential services are defined as the delivery and application of necessary abilities and knowledge within the relative field and are of utmost importance. These abilities are highly desired by professional institutions which enhances job prospects.

To obtain the formal degree, one is required to register and complete the prerequisite coursework and upon successful completion of an examination, will receive a certified license. Students will learn how to communicate with patients and will be assisted to understand theory related to goals for facilitating health and wellness. The emphasis is on academic excellence and clinical expertise.

The RN – MSN – Adult Health Nurse is a program which covers content in subject areas of psychology, physiology, microbiology, sociology, chemistry, and anatomy. It is available to those who have experience as a professional nurse and wish to enhance their career. Coursework integrates theoretical aspects with practical components for success in this challenging, yet rewarding field of study.