Best Masters in Nursing

If you’re serious about taking the next step in your nursing career, you’ll want to get a degree from the best Masters in Nursing program possible. Our mission is to help you achieve that. Whether you want to further your nursing career, obtain a position as a nurse manager or nurse administrator, or become a nurse educator, an MSN will be critical to your success. A Masters degree in Nursing can open new career doors and lead to higher salary levels and greater personal satisfaction.


MS in Nursing Rankings

Looking for the best online MSN? A traditional campus-based Masters program? A part-time Masters in nursing? Our editors rank and review thousands of Nursing masters programs so that you can make an informed decision about which program to pursue.


Featured Top-ranked MSN Programs

1. Kaplan University - MS in Nursing
2. Capella University - MSN - General Nursing
3. Walden University - MSN


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MSN Degree Areas and Concentrations

Learn more about Nursing Degree Areas and Concentrations.


MSN – Nursing – An MS in Nursing is a graduate degree for RNs, and is considered a step towards becoming a nurse educator, nursing administrator, or health policy expert.


MSN – Nurse Administrator – The curriculum MS in Nursing programs with a concentration in Nurse Administration covers leadership and organization theory as well as advanced clinical topics. This degree is designed to prepare candidates for positions in nurse management, clinical leadership, organizational development, and more.


MSN – Nurse Educator – These programs prepare wel-qualified nurses for careers in nursing education, including teaching nursing at colleges, teaching hospitals, and more.


MSN – Nurse Informatics – Nursing informatics integrates nursing science, information science and computer science. Individuals in nursing informatics positions identify, collect, process and manage data and information to support nursing practice, administration, education, research and the expansion of nursing knowledge.


MSN – Leadership and Management – The field of nursing is expand and becoming more complex. Nurse managers and leaders must be prepared to anticipate and respond to a variety of staffing, medical, organizational, and environmental issues. The MSN in Leadership and Management is designed to prepare individuals to succeed in this kind of role.


MSN – Adult Health Nurse – The RN – MSN – Adult Health Nurse provides options for specialization within healthcare systems, psychiatric mental health, and as a family nurse practitioner. The program is designed to include extensive training which incorporates a theoretical and practical component.


MSN – Case Management – This specialized degree is designed to prepare some nurses to move beyond conventional patient care to a more specific type of care that focuses on assessing care plans, advocating for patients, and overseeing the implementation of care strategies.


Highest Paying Jobs in Nursing

Individuals with MSN degrees are typically among the highest paid individuals in the field of nursing. An advanced nursing degree is often required for the highest level nursing positions in hospitals, hospital systems, dedicated nursing facilities, and other kinds of healthcare organizations. These positions often entail a significant amount of management experience in addition to an advanced nursing degree. Many of the highest ranking nursing professionals have multiple advanced degrees in nursing which help prepare them for a variety of challenging positions in the nursing field.


Nursing School Profiles

Read our reviews of nursing programs, including details lik nursing program application requirements, entrance exam requirements, application essay tips, enrollment deadlines, program locations, full-time/part-time/online options, tuition, financial aid, and more.


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