What is a Master of Science in Nursing in Case Management?

Nursing Case ManagementWhat is a Master of Science in Nursing in Case Management? Is this degree right for you? Today’s nurses have more options than ever to consider as they map out their ideal career path. With the medical field’s explosive growth and increasing complexity, new opportunities in education and practice are continually becoming available. Earning a Master’s in Nursing in Case Management perfectly positions nurses to harness that increasing complexity by teaching them how to guide patients through issues with both medical treatment and health insurance coverage.

What is a Master of Science in Nursing in Case Management degree?

According to Discover Nursing, a Master of Science in Case Management degree program is designed to train nurses to offer more focused patient care by preparing them to assess care plans, monitor the application of care strategies, and serve as their patients’ advocate within the healthcare system. The MSN in Case Management program teaches them to evaluate a medical care plan’s effectiveness and to consider the delivery costs of that care plan. Case management nurses use a long-term overview of their patients’ total healthcare plans in order to coordinate and optimize care so that their patients stay as healthy as possible in the most cost-effective way. The program is well suited to nurses who wish to take on leadership roles or who are intrigued by the notion of actively advocating for patient care.

What are the Requirements To Earn an MSN in Case Management Degree?

An option for qualifying registered nurses, an MSN in Case Management degree program requires students to complete graduate level coursework. While specific requirements may vary by school, most programs typically take two years to complete. During that time, students must earn a minimum of 30 credits of graduate level coursework in case management.

What Career Options are Available For Nurses Who Complete This Degree?

Nurses who obtain their MSN in Case Management will be able to explore a broad array of professional opportunities in both patient care and healthcare administration. They can assume leadership roles in hospitals, medical clinics, outpatient centers or home health care companies, using their education to assist in developing care solutions. They may choose to work as liaisons with insurance companies or tackle medical billing issues. Some even decide to become entrepreneurs, opening their own business to offer case management services.

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What is the Salary For Nurses Who Obtain This Degree?

While salaries can vary widely from region to region, nurses who have obtained their MSN in Case Management can expect to earn an average annual salary of $48,000 – $66,000, according to discovernursing.com. Obviously, the exact salary earned would also depend on the setting and job responsibilities of the specific position held.

As medicine and healthcare continue to evolve, expand and increase in complexity, more and more patients will need help and guidance in order to navigate the healthcare system. With an understanding of what a Master of Science in Nursing in Case Management degree involves and how it can be applied in the healthcare system, nurses can make an informed decision as to whether or not this is a degree that would benefit their desired career path.