Top 30 Nursing Blogs

The amount of information available on the Internet about the profession of nursing can be overwhelming. To make it easier for aspiring and professional nurses to find helpful resources, we decided to highlight a handful of exceptional blogs in key categories. In preparing our list of the Top 30 Nursing Blogs of 2012, we looked for quality and freshness of content. We also looked for up-and-coming blogs that are making a strong contribution to the conversation on nursing and being a nurse. Of the hundreds of excellent blogs we reviewed, we found these 30 to be among the most helpful in their respective category.

Blogs for School Nurses

  1. Provo School Nurses:The nurses of the Provo School District in Utah keep parents and faculty up to date on their ongoing commitment to student health.

    Highlight: How to Become an Oncology Nurse Practitioner


  3. Tales of a School Zoned Nurse: This humorous blog details the experiences of a school nurse who covers an amazing two elementary schools and a middle school.

    Highlight: Hear Me Out


  5. School Kids Health Care: The goal of School Kids Health Care is to provide current information on health education and school nursing to both school nurses and parents.

    Highlight: Does Back to School Mean Back to Being Bullied?


  7. Diary of a School Nurse: What really happens in a school nurse’s office? This school nurse blogger takes on this commonly asked question with grace and wit.

    Highlight: Emergency Bag for School Nurses


  9. The School Health Blog : This supplier of school health supplies gives an interesting spin on school nurse blogging. Look for great advice coupled with helpful product reviews.

    Highlight: Impact of COVID-19 on Cardiac Health in Young People


Nursing Education Blogs

  1. Nurse Education: An open forum where those in the field can debate and discuss issues pertinent to nursing education.

    Highlight: Start of the Semester – and Enthusiasm for Learning


  3. John Hopkins Nursing Blogs: Connect with students and faculty from one of the best nursing studies institutions in America.

    Highlight: Real People are Not Made of Rubber


  5. A Journey through Nursing School: A mother of two describes what it is like to be a busy woman in the throes of a nursing program.

    Highlight: Shifts 2-4


  7. Oakland University: The nursing students of Oakland University give their unique perspectives on what it takes to get through nursing school. This blog is great for anyone looking for the inspiration to finish their degree.

    Highlight: What Nursing Students Should know About the ATI and Passing the First Time


  9. Makings of a Nurse: Nurse Teeny is a sounding board for all of your questions about life as a nurse and nursing school.

    Highlight: What does it mean to be a Nurse

Labor and Midwife Nursing

  1. Ten Centimeters and Beyond: A night shift labor and delivery nurse and mother of two brings the interesting perspective of someone who has been on both sides of the stirrups.

    Highlight: Jacob’s Birth Story


  3. The Birthin’ Blog: A collection of extremely informative articles concerning labor and delivery and newborn care brought to you by A Labor of Love, Doula and Childbirth Services.

    Highlight: Helping Women Find Their Voice vs Protecting Them


  5. At Your Cervix: The story of how a labor and delivery nurse eventually became a nurse-midwife.

    Highlight: Almost Halfway Done!


  7. The Life and Time of an L&D Nurse: A labor and delivery nurse from southern California shares about her love of working with newborns and their families.

    Highlight: It Was a Lovely Morning


ICU Nurse Blogs

  1. On Call RN: An ICU nurse from a government hospital tells of her experiences and her other love, photography.

    Highlight: Rough Day

Nurse Practitioner Blogs

  1. The Nurse Practitioner’s Place: This blog is both extremely informative and touching. With a focus on providing the best care for both nurses and patients alike, it is a must read for all nurse practitioners.

    Highlight: Nurse Practitioner Burnout


  3. Nurse Practitioner Business Owner Blog: A blog born from a blogger’s frustration to find a place for NP’s to connect and share resources.

    Highlight: Clinicians Business Tips: Data Breaches: Protecting Your Practice


  5. Nurse Barb: Nurse Barb understands what you are going through. With a focus on women’s health, she is here to answer your questions and give advice.

    Highlight: 6 Essential Questions About Breast Cancer Screening


  7. Adventures of a PICU Nurse Practitioner: Self-described as a “brand spankin’ new” NP, this blogger shares her stories of long nights and even longer days.

    Highlight: Questions Answered


  9. The NP Mom: Brett Snodgrass, a family NP from Tennessee, provides her readers with advice and health care provider tools.

    Highlight: Probiotics: Do You Really Need Them? Why?


  11. Triumphs and Tribulations of a new Nurse Practitioner: An inspiration to all, this NP blogger went back to school to receive her NP after 50 years away.

    Highlight: One Month In


ER Nursing

  1. Madness: Tales of an Emergency Room Nurse: Written by a veteran nurse in an inner city ER, this addition brings stories of stress, hard work, and triumph in an ER environment.

    Highlight: Task Monkeys


  3. ER Nurses Care: A more emotional take on an ER nursing blog. This is the perfect place to find a balance between information and inspiration.

    Highlight: Why Not Get Protection From the Flu?


  5. Crass Pollination: Nurse K combines stage 4 malignant cynicism with a sharp tongue and unbridled enthusiasm to bring you a world-class ER nursing blog.

    Highlight: Phone Call


  7. EDNurseasauras: In this case, with an amusing name comes amusing content. Regina tries to tell about the lighter side of emergency room events.

    Highlight: We Are Going to Need Some New Monkeys


  9. ER RN: Julie relates entertaining and insightful stories from the ER.

    Highlight: I Am the Patient … (and not a very good one either)